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After nearly a decade, Moosewood Ecological has been providing long-term biodiversity monitoring and land stewardship at Woodland Views. Driven by ecological information, we have successfully managed habitats to benefit biodiversity and ecological integrity.

Moosewood Ecological began conducting ecological inventories at the Bear Hill Conservancy in 2008 as part of an ongoing and ever-growing land conservation project. Fifteen years later, this project is coming to fruition with a conservation easement with the US Fish and Wildlife Service spanning nearly 16,000 acres.

The Scherschels recognized an opportunity to
expand upon the family's current landholdings. With this land purchase they also saw a tremendous stewardship opportunity to repair the deleterious effects of inappropriate logging practices. So, they charged forward and hired Moosewood Ecological to develop and implement a land restoration plan to stabilize soils, restore a riparian forest, and manage invasive species.

Current Projects




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