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Each year, Moosewood Ecological hires local graduate students as seasonal field ecologists to assist with active projects and gain practical experience in the environmental field.​ Various project aspects include biodiversity inventories, native plant installation, invasive species management, habitat restoration, wildlife management, water quality sampling, GIS mapping, data management, and scientific literature research. We have worked with numerous interns over the past 20 years, and some have joined our Team more permanently to help develop innovative conservation solutions for New England.

Current Interns: 

Ecological Technician

Jaime McGuigan

Meet Jaime McGuigan (she/her), a longtime resident of the Monadnock Region, where she resides in a gloriously rattly, clattery old farmhouse outside of Keene, surrounded by lovely and unruly gardens. Her deep appreciation for nature was kindled as a child when she explored the forests of New England, and is now pursuing a master's degree in Conservation Biology at Antioch University New England. Jaime is equally intrigued by both the big picture and the minutiae of ecology. If you can’t find her right away, she is probably hanging out on a beaver dam in a wetland somewhere, snapping pictures of carnivorous plants, or maybe somewhere further out in her kayak. She's thrilled to be joining Moosewood Ecological and is eager to help make a positive impact on local conservation and ecology.

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