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Habitat Restoration & Enhancement

Thoughtful, scientifically-driven habitat restoration starts with a strong knowledge of natural systems and landscape ecology. It is ingrained in wildlife-habitat relationships, ecosystem processes, ecological structure and function, and effective stakeholder communications. 

Moosewood Ecological brings a wealth of knowledge in natural systems ecology to develop and implement habitat restoration and enhancement projects in various settings. We work with municipal, state and federal government agencies, land trusts and other conservation organizations, and private landowners to meet their habitat improvement needs for: 

  • Riparian Buffer, Wetland, and Upland Plantings

  • Wildlife Habitat Development and Enhancement

  • Pollinator Meadows

Project Examples

The project site included Boyce Pond and the removal of its dam due to structural inadequacies and failure to support aquatic life due to insufficient dissolved oxygen.

This project was prepared for the Greenfield Conservation Commission.

Project Examples

Restoration Overview Map

Project Examples

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